General Epistles

Recently, I had the privilege of teaching a class on the General Epistles (Hebrews-Jude) at Haven of Grace Seminary. This module included 8 weekday evenings of 4 hr. classes (5-9 pm & sometimes later) over the course of 2 weeks. Depending on the daily circumstances of each student, we generally had between 10-12 students each evening. I don't think I completely understood the incredible commitment and sacrifice it takes for a Filipino student to study at Haven of Grace until this course. I became much more aware of the challenging circumstances our students face in order to study God's Word--some physical, some financial, and some just even basic transportation needs. But, each evening, whether it was crawling through traffic after a long day of work, or coming from 45 minutes away, or taking care of a last-minute family emergency, or simply feeling exhausted but coming anyway, even if they had to show up late the students came and were engaged in the serious study of the Scriptures. I found my Filipino brothers to be resilient, dedicated, hard-working, faithful, committed, engaged, passionate, and even funny! They definitely take seriously 2 Tim. 2:15 "study to show thyself approved unto God..." What an inspiration they were to me! Their faith is strong and their love for Christ is consuming. I am so encouraged by the students God has given us at Haven of Grace and I know the time invested is well spent and will produce fruit in many churches as a result. On the last evening, the final exam was for each student to explain one of the difficult passages we encountered in the text. There was some great preaching that evening and the men demonstrated a real grasp of the Scriptures. It was a great 2 weeks together and I can't wait until the next class!