High School Festival

On Sat. Feb 1 at Maranatha Baptist Church, 600+ public high school students from 11 schools in the Bacolod area gathered for the High School Bible Study Festival. These students attended the various Bible studies that take place on the high school campuses. The festival included various competitions such as Bible Quizzing; Bible Recitation; and Bible Chorus. The students were provided a delicious lunch courtesy of MBC. J. Mark Kittrell, the director of PRMI, preached a message from John 15 on "Fruit that Remains" which was the theme of the conference. Many young people indicated a concern about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After the message, students were paired up with a leader and divided into smaller groups to discuss the spiritual truths from John 15 and what it means to "abide in Christ." Pray that God's Word will bear fruit in their lives and that many will come to know Christ.