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Camp is underway!

Recently, First Sunshine Baptist Church held the first camp of the 2023 Haven of Grace camping season. There were over 80 Filipino youth in attendance with 30 of these young people sponsored by Vision 2020 Camp Scholarships. The gospel was preached and God worked in many hearts. There were 14 confessions of faith in Christ and many Christian living decisions. We are grateful for God's working and it is a privilege to have a camp where Jesus Christ is exalted and the Word of God is faithfully proclaimed. Please pray for Haven of Grace. Between now and August several thousand young people will hear the good news of Jesus Christ and be challenged to surrender their lives to him.If you would like to help, just click on the donate button and give to the Camp Scholarship Fund. A $20 donation helps 2 young people attend camp for 1 week. What a great investment for the gospel's sake.

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