Challenging Times in Myanmar

In early February 2021, the military took over control of the government in a coup. Since then, they have ruled by brute force taking over different sectors of the country like banking, transportation, businesses, and communication, etc. Many protestors and dissenters (using the 3 finger salute) have been killed resulting in a military stranglehold on the people. The country descended into chaos and confusion. By God's grace, we were able to finish our first year at Doulos Theological Seminary and the students were sent home for the summer without any guarantee we would have year two. Fortunately, the Burmese are resilient people and have learned to live with things "as is." Seemingly, things have calmed down to the point where we believe year #2 will possibly begin in June (depending upon the safe return of our students). Please pray for our students and faculty that God will protect them and the campus and give us a successful 2nd year. In the meantime, Dr. Sen Hmung has worked 3 years on the NT & Hymnal in his mother tongue of Parte@Tapong. It was printed in Belarus and is waiting arrival and distribution.