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DTS 2022-23 School Year Ends

Doulos Theological Seminary in Yangon, Myanmar wrapped up a very successful school year by the grace of God. Fortunately, we were able to resume after the military coup with 12 full-time students and 3 full-time faculty (President Stephen Hang Kim, Professor Ang Pui, and Professor Philip Hmung). Final exams were held Jan. 30-Feb. 3 and a closing Thanksgiving and Praise Dinner was held for all the students and faculty families. One professor said, "It was obvious that the students grew tremendously in their love for God and their understanding of His Word. We are excited to see how God will use them to reach the Burmese people with the gospel in the future." Pray for the students during the break because many of them cannot return home to their families due to the fighting and dangerous travel conditions. We are looking forward to God growing our student body next school year. Below are pictures of the year-end thanksgiving meal.

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