DTS Module

Doulos Theological Seminary reopened in June 2022 after an 18 month hiatus due to the military coup and Covid. 12 students enrolled for our second year. Many of them had to overcome great hardship and took great risk to return due to roadblocks, checkpoints, gunfire, rerouting, etc. Praise God all students arrived safely and have been enthusiastically studying since the start. August 17-31, students participated in a daily, online 3-hr. class on The Gospel and Personal Evangelism taught by the President of PRMI, J. Mark Kittrell. The course covered 1) gospel fundamentals, 2) gospel methodology, 3) gospel missions, and 4) gospel living.

Here is a testimony from Pastor Mark: "What a joy to teach these dedicated Burmese young men. I found them to be attentive, intellectual, studious, and having a great heart for reaching their fellow Burmese with the gospel. They caught the material quickly, asked insightful questions, and made great observations. Despite the language barrier of speaking through a translator, I found them to be patient and the class productive. Our goal is to help them understand the gospel so they can accurately know and communicate God's truth."