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Haguimit Church Project

Pastor Danilo Faburada and the members of CBC Haguimit sent the following note to all of our generous PRMI donors who gave toward the expansion of their church and the finishing of their facilities. The pictures below detail the progress and work involved and show the members and children who are part of the ministry. Danilo is a student at Haven of Grace Seminary. The expansion will help them accommodate more people in their services, provide concrete walkways instead of muddy paths during the rainy season, and give them an opportunity to feed more children and reach more families in this mountain area.

Dear Friends,

Glory to God for His mercies, provisions, and marvelous grace to the ministry here in CBC Haguimit La Carlota. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for helping CBC through prayers and donations. We are almost done including the church expansion and kitchen, and this outcome is all by God's grace through your life whom God used as a channel of blessings. From the pastor and members of CBC Haguimit.

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It is so good to see this work continue and grow! Praise the Lord!

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