Kyaw Mint Naing faith comes by hearing

I was born in a Christian family. From my childhood I wanted to go to heaven but I didn't hear the gospel.Many times I was so afraid of my destiny especially when I was alone or the time about to go to bed. in 2016, I got Christian literature from one of my friends in which I read Jn. 3:16-18. I also got a chance to hear salvation message through my phone. I was saved through reading a tract and listening to a message through the phone. Since then I had a desire to go to Bible school but I had financial problem. But thank God for the support of PRMI that I can study at DTS which I longed to do for years. I have a great burden for my people in Paletwa Township, southern Chin State. Now, many people, including my family are facing problems because war broke between the government troop and Arakan army. This is my prayer and earnest desire that God would enable me to finish my course at DTS and bring my people to Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.