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Magahat Outreach

Pastor Marjun Decatoria (one of our Haven of Grace Seminary students and Pastor of South Roswell Baptist Church in Hinoba-an) traveled 3 hours into the mountains of southern Negros Island Philippines to help evangelize the Magahat tribe. This is a very difficult place to reach but through the local ministry of Cemeco Baptist Church the gospel is going out to the mountain people. PRMI provided funds for a showing of the Jesus film, over 200 pairs of new slippers, food, gospel tracts, and other items. Pastor Marjun was able to preach the gospel to many adults and children and some made confessions of faith in Christ. Praise God for the gospel going out into these remote places through the nationals we are training for gospel ministry. Pastor Marjun said he is already looking for the next mountain to climb to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.


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