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Nepal Mission Trip

Recently, our Haven of Hope India students, accompanied by Pastor Tia and his wife, visited the country of Nepal to take the gospel to several villages in the interior. There were many opportunities to share God’s Word in both public and private settings. Here are some excerpts from Pastor Tia’s report.

“This young man here wanted to study the Bible

In this village, they have no pastor, and they have very few Christians, so he didn't know any place where he could go. So we invited him to come back with us to seminary to study the Bible. This young man with proper training can do much work in their land for God.”

“These are the districts we visited.

Morang, Thankuta, Ithari, Bathari, Tharan

We traveled by train, bus, and three wheelers.”

Below are a few pictures of our trip.


Wonderful. I have some contacts with Baptist pastors in Nepal

Replying to

Good to hear Tap. Lots of good things happening there.

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