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No Electricity--No Longer!

During the camping season, it is not uncommon for us to lose electricity for 24-48 hours at our Haven of Grace Campsite. Simply put, that makes for a fairly miserable camp week when there are 150-200 campers or more on site. No fans for sleeping; no lights for services; no electric rice cookers; no sound or musical equipment; no PA system, etc. However, no electricity will now be a thing of the past! Thanks to a generous donation from our gospel partners at Bible Baptist Church in West Chester, PA, Haven of Grace was able to purchase and install a new generator just in time for camp season! The generator will run the entire camp and has been set up to "kick-in" as soon as the electricity goes out. This is a huge blessing and allows us to continue our normal daily camp schedules without having to completely readjust. We are especially grateful that the lights will be able to stay on for the evening preaching and the PA system will continue to work so the gospel of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed. Please pray for our camping season as it get underway this week. Thank you Lord and BBC!

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