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Nocte Naga Gospel Outreach

The last week of June, Pastor Tia Longkmer, along with his wife and some Haven of Hope students, visited several Nocte Naga villages in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The purpose of the trip was to take the gospel to unreached people, encourage Nocte believers, and develop a plan for how to distribute the Nocte Naga Bible when it is printed. Below is Pastor Tia’s description of the trip.

Good Evening Brother

Thank you for your prayer and support. We've had a very blessed journey in Nocte, We visited 4 different villages and one small town—Talot,

Kenon, Old toidam, New toidam and Diomali town. The paths were very dangerous to travel as wild animals, especially elephants could pose a threat to our lives at any moment.

Most of these villages believe in Animism and Hinduism. In each of these villages they have one Raja (King) who is the head of the village.

The village of Talot was completely unreached by Christianity. We visited the Raja and shared the Gospel and prayed for them.

Kenon village

In this village it was extremely hot, with no fans or electric, there were a lot of mosquitoes. We had a very difficult time, we hardly had any sleep. But we were very touched by the pastor in this village. The pastor in this village has never gone to a Bible college with no training. His self study and dedication to serving God is the only thing that has brought him this far. His name is N. Tikwa, he has 4 kids and his wife passed away last year. Let's keep this Man in our prayers.

Old toidam had 5 christian families, New toidam had 3 christian families. Both of these villages had a total of about 150 families. We visited them all, encouraging them and sharing God's word.

Diomali Town

We visited the church here and conducted Bible study with the Church workers, answering their questions till midnight. There is still a lot of work to be done here, among the unbelievers a lot of people are alcoholic and are using drugs like Marijuana and Opium.

Overall, after sharing about the Bible printing with the Nocte people, they are very happy to know the Bible printing will be done soon and are eagerly anticipating.


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