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In conjunction with our seminary students and pastors, PRMI is helping get the gospel out and supply humanitarian needs this Christmas season. Jesus Christ is the hope for nations and it is our desire that the message of His grace and forgivness would penetrate the darkness. There are several projects that could use your prayer and financial support. If you would like to help please donate to our Special Projects Fund and we will use your donation for the following projects: Total cost $7,250.

  1. Our Haven of Hope India students will take 2 Mission trips: One to the India/ Myanmar border and one to Nepal for the purpose of taking the gospel to unreached people in hard to reach places. They will visit villages in mountainous areas to preach to the lost and will also use the trip to introduce Christian young men to HOH with the hope that they will come study for ministry and then go back to reach their people.

  2. Help us provide rice for our students' families who are poor and in need. Many of our students are pressured by their families to quit school to go back home to work. This will encourage them to say committed to their calling and study.

  3. Help us to build a church in the mountain community of Haguimit, La Carlota, Philippines pastored by one of our seminary students. The church is engulfed in mud during the rainy season and could use some concrete flooring and cinder blocks to finish the sanctuary and outreach SS classroom and kitchen.

  4. Electricity is limited to 16 hours a day at our campus in Myanmar and even then is undependable. Sometimes our students go without power for 24-48 hours. This makes chapel, class, and school learning/living difficult. Help us provide a solar-powered inverter to store up electricity so we can have it available during the off times.


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