Ram Tin Lian conviction to salvation

I was born in Surngen Village, Thlantlang Township, Chin State. I have four brothers and five sisters. My parents are Christians and they encouraged us to fear God and do good things. They also tell us about the stories from the Bible. I heard many times about Jesus who died on the cross for sinners. But I did not really understand how I could be saved and have assurance of salvation. In that condition I was living for many years without Christ and christianity was just a religion. But last year 2019, God sent a preacher who explained to me about salvation and how to be saved. Through his explanation, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sins and gave me assurance of salvation. I am so thankful to God for the peace which I have through salvation knowing that my future is secured forever. After I have been born again, I have a deep desire to know more about God and His plan for my future. God answered my prayer and my uncle told me about Doulos Theological Seminary. My parents are still healthy but they have to work hard to meet the needs of all my brothers and sisters. They are not able to support me to study in Bible college. But I am very glad PRMI is supporting Bible students. Now I am preparing myself to be a faithful servant of the Lord, to serve Him faithfully and to carry the good news of Jesus Christ to my own people.