Ram Za Thang assurance of the good news

I am from Kalamyo. I have one younger sister. My father passed away in 2013 while he was working in Malaysia. Since then my mom had to work hard to raise her two kids. Then my mom also passed away last year 2019 in December just before Christmas. I got saved in 2018 but sometimes I did not have assurance of salvation. After arriving at DTS, Sir AngPui taught us about salvation for 1 full week. Since then, I have assurance of salvation. Though I want to study in Bible school, there is no one to support me but God is so good to me that I can join DTS. My uncles and aunts are not able to support me. I am very glad and so thankful to God for this wonderful opportunity to study at DTS through the support of PRMI. It is my sincere prayer and heartfelt desire that I would serve the Lord and share the good news to people who are heading to hell. I would like to be a father to many orphans of Myanmar who are like me.