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Solar-Powered Inverter for Myanmar

Thanks to our generous PRMI donors, we were able to purchase and install a solar-powered inverter on our DTS campus that will help store electricity to use as a back up when it is not readily available. Recently, our campus has experienced outages up to 48 hours due to the on-going situation in Yangon. This disrupts our classes and chapels and makes campus living quite difficult. So, this addition is greatly welcome and will improve the student's living and learning.

Here is a note from our students and faculty:

Dear All the Supporters,

We, the DTS family, would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all the supporters. We are so thankful and truly blessed to have your support during this difficult time of electricity in Myanmar. Your financial support for buying the solar powered inverter means so much to DTS. It has significant impact especially to our students for their study. We appreciate your generosity, care, and love for the Myanmar people. Again, thank you so much for your support.

With gratitude,

Stephen & the DTS Family


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