Super-Typhoon Odette

Recently, Super-Typhoon Odette tore through the Philippines leaving a path of devastation in its wake. Many islands were affected and Negros Island, where Haven of Grace Camp and Seminary are located, took an especially hard hit. Sadly, some lost their lives (gratefully all of our staff and students are safe) and many others are unaccounted for. Electricity and water are just now being restored after 1 week. Food is at a premium. One pastor wrote, "our gov't can't help us because their reason is the calamity budget are empty because of the affected are the poor people...there is still great need of food and's heart-breaking seeing people begging for food...they have no shelter and they are under a tent by the wayside...we will try to go back and feed them with soup and bread..." So, PRMI has been stepping up to the plate. Many of our pastor/students at Haven of Grace Seminary had their houses or churches partially or completely destroyed. Haven of Grace Camp also sustained moderate damage to the gymnasium roof, kitchen/canteen, and the grounds. Many trees were uprooted by the high winds. We have established a Disaster Relief Fund to help pastors and churches rebuild. You can donate through our website here. Presently, we have already sent 375,000 pesos for these efforts and we hope to send much more. Please pray for the Philippines!