Thian and the power of the gospel

I am from Saimun Village, Falam Township, Chin State. I have one brother and eight sisters. I am a member of Baptist Church but never come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ until I come to DTS. My grandparents are Catholics and when my mother married my father, she also attends Baptist Church. I used to live in my grandparents' house and I was baptized by priest when I was an infant. My mind was full of confusion because I was taught by Catholics as well as Baptists. Sometime, I wish to die thinking that life is just a vanity. I doubt even the existence of God because He is invisible. Many time I believe that human being are also like animals which do not have spirit. Death is the end of everything. I was in India and China to earn some money to help my parents but my life is full of confusion and doubts whenever I think about the true meaning of life. I am so thankful to God for my teachers in DTS for explaining to me the way of salvation. Now I have assurance of salvation and have a desire to share my new found faith to my family, friends and relatives. I trust that God will teach me and help me to grow in faith through my teachers and mentors. My parents cannot support me to study in Bible school but PRMI is really God's representative to help me accomplish my goal. May the Lord bless PRMI more abundantly.