Thian Nung Born Again

I am from Saimun Village, Falam Township, Chin State. I have two brothers and five sisters. We are members of the Church of Christ. I was not born again till I came to DTS. I used to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Sir AngPui taught us about sin and salvation for the whole week and I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I have assurance of salvation and peace of mind. Though I was not born again I had a desire to study God's Word and prayed to God. My friend who studied with Sir AngPui told me about DTS and he dropped me off. My parents are not able to support me but I am so glad to learn there is a Bible school where we can attend freely. Now, I am rejoicing with my new found faith and I enjoy learning the words of truth from the Bible. I have a burden for lost souls and after completing my course here in DTS I will share the good news to the people who are perishing. I am so thankful to God for PRMI.