Vision 2020 helps local churches reach unsaved, unchurched, and underprivileged Filipino youth with the gospel.  

A $20 donation pays the camp fees for 5 Filipino youth to attend.  Will you consider making a donation today? 

May 6-10 the SIC-MGF churches held their summer camp at Haven of Grace. 445 campers were registered from 13 churches and 271 of them were supported through Vision 2020 funds. One pastor wrote, "The Vision 2020 Summer camp program that allows us to reach unsaved, unchurched, and underprivileged Filipino youth in our community has proven to be the most effective way of evangelizing our youth." It is so encouraging to hear how the local churches are benefitting from this outreach opportunity. For many youth, it is their first time to a Christian camp and to hear a clear presentation of the gospel. Thank you to all Vision 2020 donors. It may be a small gift but it is having a great impact for the gospel and the Kingdom in the Philippines. 

 Would you consider becoming a Vision 2020 donor? To give $20 today click the DONATE button in the menu bar or mail a check to PRMI at the address on the card.