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Hear from Pastor Tudu

The following is a post sent to PRMI from Pastor Karneliush Tudu regarding the gospel outreach program he was able to conduct with PRMI funds:

"Praise the Lord! I'm Pastor Karneliush Tudu from Surjapur, dist. Utter Dinajpur, West Bengal, India. I have conducted outreach gospel program at two villages: At Hassan village conducted the program 11th April around 120 people and at Chauriya village April 12th around 70 people. In both program many non-believers (Sarna Dharma and Maran Buru Dharma followers) have participated. In this meeting I preached the gospel and distributed New Testament and tracts too. We also provided foods. Thank you so much PRMI for the gospel fund you have provided. Please pray for me and my family and ministry."


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